Selling Your Electricity

Selling Your Electricity

The price of electricity in Spain depends on the electricity pool. The electricity pool is the wholesale power market and managed by the Spanish market operator (OMIE).  OMIE manages the wholesale electricity market on the Iberian Peninsula and publish daily market reports showing the buying and selling of electricity.


If you have invested in solar energy and are in a position to sell back your unused electricity, do not think by doing so you will see a quick return on your investment.  Selling your surplus electricity is not an easy option. It can be a lengthy and complex process. The rate of selling it back is determined at the pool price which varies on a daily basis (See OMIE).


Another interesting article to read is ‘The Crazy Rise In Spanish Households’ Electricity Bill’ posted by The Corner on 30 January 2017.


If you would like more information about selling any surplus electricity back to the grid, drop us a line and ask for Keith who will provide you with the necessary, non-biased information to allow you to make right decision for you and your household.

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