Grid Tied Solar Systems

Don’t change the way you use electricity – Be smart the way you use your electricity!

  • Grid tied solar electricity systems do not require batteries.
  • Your home is connected both to the national grid and your solar electricity system.
  • Fastest payback times.
  • 100% legalizable installations solar panels and converters only.
  • Vastly reduced installation cost with zero maintenance.
  • As long as the sun is shining you are saving money.

Grid Tied Solar

Off Grid Systems

Stop paying electric bills and produce your own power!

  • Remote homes without supply or just want to be 100% energy self-sufficient.
  • No access to the ultility grid.
  • Use your power wherever you want.
  • Easier installation.

Solar Directa can install from simple lights only circuit to complete family homes. Contact us for more information to find out which system is best for you.

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