Selling Your Electricity

Selling Your Electricity

The price of electricity in Spain depends on the electricity pool. The electricity pool is the wholesale power market and managed by the Spanish market operator (OMIE).  OMIE manages the wholesale electricity market on the Iberian Peninsula and publish daily market reports s ...

Solar Energy Journey

Begin Your Solar Energy Journey This Summer

With the sunny climate in Spain, summer here is the best season for solar energy. During this season it makes it an ideal time for homeowners to begin their solar energy journey. And also save money on energy costs by installing a solar energy system. While many homes end up ...

Solar Energy

Solar Energy – What Type of Person Are You?

Have you ever wondered who the people harnessing solar energy in their homes is? What are they like?  What do they value? Are you considering making the switch to solar energy? Well this is what we have found out about the types of people using solar energy. The Environment ...

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