Harnessing Solar Energy For Solar Pool Heating

Harnessing Solar Energy For Solar Pool Heating


As we move into autumn, the swimming season is slowly coming to an end. However, if you want to extend the swimming season, then why not invest in a solar pool heater. Solar pool heaters harness the power of the sun and are great for both in-ground and above-ground pools.


Over time, a solar pool heater is a simple and easy way to both lower your energy bills. But better than that, along with saving you money, using renewable energy sources like solar energy is a healthier alternative for the environment.


How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?


Since most swimming pools require a pump, filter and related plumbing, adding a solar pool heater is simple in design. Pool water is pumped through the filter and circulated through the solar pool panels (also called collectors), usually mounted on a roof or anywhere near the pool that provides the proper exposure, orientation, and tilt toward the sun. When pool temperature and collector temperature are similar, the water simply by-passes the panels and is returned back to the pool.


Solar pool heaters are super-efficient and long lasting. Our solar heating panels will gently raise your pool’s temperature by at least 10-15 degrees above the normal water temperature during the day maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature.


In hot climates or the middle of summer, the solar pool collector can also cool the water temperature of a pool down by circulating cool water through the panels at night.


Because solar pool heaters run cleanly and effectively, they require minimal maintenance. Our solar pool panels, which are made in Spain, are made of heavy duty rubber treated with a UV light inhibitor to extend the life of the panels.


Heating your swimming pool with a solar pool heater is a simple and easy way to both lower your energy bills, and keep your pool warm enough to swim throughout the year all at the same time.


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