Ways to Reduce Your Hot Water Costs with Solar Water

Ways to Reduce Your Hot Water Costs with Solar Water


Efficiently maximizing hot water usage can be an issue for in any household. With escalating energy prices, it stands to reason that people are exploring all sorts of ways to reduce their water bills.


While it may seem like you are stuck with what you have, that could not be further from the truth. Below we have found some ways reduce your water bills and also improve on your hot water efficiency.


Choose More Efficient Appliances

By carefully selecting the appliances in your household, you may be able to see a reduction in your hot water usage. Your dishwasher and washing machine are some of the thirstiest appliances in the home, being responsible for using most of your hot water.


By replacing your old washing machine for an energy efficient model you will use less water and thus save on your water bills.


Select a Water Efficient Shower Head

Showers also account for a high usage in hot water in the average home. In order to reduce this, you could consider installing a water efficient shower head. They can reduce water flow by as much as 40 percent.


Only do Full Loads

If you are planning on running the dishwasher or putting some clothes on to wash, make sure you are running these appliances with a full load, otherwise, you are wasting that hot water.


Select a Water Efficient Taps

While appliances and showers use the most hot water in the home, taps in your bathroom and kitchen also use hot water. If possible, install a water efficient tap. They will reduce the flow of water through the taps.


Select a Solar Hot Water System

Choosing a solar hot water system can enable you to save money and also reduce your water bills. A solar water system can provide you with anywhere from 50%-90% of your hot water needs depending on your demands. Using a solar water heating system takes advantage of the sun to harness its energy to heat water. Reducing your water usage ensures that your solar hot water system will provide the maximum possible portion of your hot water.


Our flat plate solar hot water systems are more durable compared to evacuated tubes.  These systems are also easier to install whether it be on the roof or ground mounted.  The solar water system is reliable and silent and will work for decades.


If you would like to learn how a solar hot water system could best help you, call Solar Directa on +34 659 315 130 or contact us for further assistance and advice you need.

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