Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Benefits of Solar Hot Water


We are very fortunate to live in a country which has a Mediterranean climate. Meaning for over 300 days of the year we have fine and sunny days. Thanks to solar power we can use the sun to heat the home and power all our electrical appliances. Solar power enables home owners to not only save money. Some people also can make money by selling any surplus electricity back to the grid.


Solar hot water systems, also known as solar thermal systems are a good alternative when thinking about green energy from the sun. A solar hot water system can provide you with anywhere from 50%-90% of your hot water needs.


Here we have a couple of questions about the benefits of solar hot water which will introduce you to the topic, and hopefully, spark some interest in investing in a solar hot water system.


What Is Solar Water Heating?

Solar hot water systems refer to the mechanism that converts the energy of the sun into heated water. This technology requires solar panels, also known as collectors. These collectors attract sunlight and convert it into heating solutions available for household or even commercial purposes. These panels are able to be fitted on the roof or ground. In the summer months, a hot water system will probably be able to supply enough hot water for all your needs. However, in the colder months, a backup source (i.e. a boiler) may also be required.


Why Should I Choose a Solar Hot Water System?


Lower Utility Bills. One of the primary advantages of solar hot water systems is the savings to be made on your utility bills.


Energy Efficiency. As the sun shines virtually every day, there will never be a need to worry about running out of fuel for your solar hot water system. The system works all year round, even on cloudy days. The solar hot water system can still capture heat, although it will not be as efficient as during full sunlight.


Reduced Carbon Footprint. Another benefit of solar water systems is their positive effect on the environment. With their use of clean, green solar energy, they do not involve the burning of fossil fuels and emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By using a solar water system, you are reducing your carbon footprint.


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