Autumn, A Good Time to go Solar

Autumn, A Good Time to go Solar


Autumn is just a month away, and as the temperature starts to drop a little, we are starting to emerge from our air conditioned summer hibernation with the welcome expectation of cheaper utility bills coming over the following months.


That said, while some will tend to think less about the energy expenses during the autumn and winter months. There are others who will be thinking more about the energy expenses, taking into account of hot water usage, switching the lights on as the darker mornings and evening set in, and also heating the home.  In truth, however, autumn is a great time to install a solar PV system.



Thanks to our high rate of sunny, clear days, autumn is a great time to install a solar energy system.


Ready For Winter

Installing a solar energy system in autumn also means you will have your solar energy system set up in time to offset high utility bills associated with increased heat, hot water and light usage during the winter months.


With winter in Spain still producing a high number of sunny, clear days. Your solar energy system will still be generating a considerable amount to help offset your bills. 


Beat The Spring/Summer Rush

Spring and summer are traditionally our busiest time of year. Installing your solar energy system in autumn can reduce wait times. This means you start saving on your utility bills sooner. Plus you are ready for the warmer months as soon as spring and summer arrive.


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