How Much Electricity Does Your Air Conditioner Use?

How Much Electricity Does Your Air Conditioner Use?

How much electricity does your air conditioner use? Well after speaking to one person last week his electricity bill was 400€. Now don’t panic, there are certain factors that need to be taken into account, like how long did he have the air conditioner running throughout the day? What thermostat was it set at? How many air conditioning units does he have in his household?  But for most people here in Spain during the summer means running the air conditioner non-stop.


Spain has the third highest electricity prices in the EU, and with the cost of rising electricity this year, it is important to be ever watchful of your energy consumption, especially during the hot summer months.


As usual, the summer months see temperatures reaching on and around 40°C, leading many people to use their air conditioning units, and as a result seeing a rise in their electricity bill. Air conditioning units in homes may account for up to one-third of electricity use during periods in the summer. One-third? So how can you reduce the cost of using your air conditioner?


Even if you cannot stand to live without your air conditioning unit you can still save money. Solar panels are the answer. The summer is a great time to get the most power from your solar panels. The longer days mean more hours of sunshine. As the sun shines and the heat goes up, the solar panels will be pumping out electricity. For many people, having solar power means they can cover most of their electric needs, including air conditioners.


Once you have solar power, you can take your savings a step further by using some energy-saving tips with your air conditioning unit. Maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. Set the temperature to warmer during the summer to ensure the air conditioner is not working too hard. Generally, the best temperature to go by is 24°C. Setting it to this temperature will ensure both you and your wallet will stay comfortable.


The savings from solar can add up quickly. By installing solar panels this summer, you will start to see a reduction in your next electricity bill. That said you will not fully see the impact of using your air conditioning unit and solar energy on your electricity bill until next summer, but at least by then you will have seen the benefits of solar energy and feel less guilty about staying cool and using your air conditioning unit.


There is a lot of interest in people adopting solar systems. Call Solar Directa on +34 659 315 130 or contact us to find out how you could go solar.

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