Rooftop and Ground Solar Panels

Rooftop and Ground Solar Panels

So you have decided to install a solar energy system on your home. Rooftop solar is probably the first thing to come to mind. It is the more common option for solar panels, we see them on many a rooftop. But what you probably do not realise is that we can install ground mount solar panels is just as easy.


Choosing the right kind of solar mounting system is an extremely important part of your solar design process. When making the decision of which type of solar installation to choose, it comes down whether your rooftop or terrace is a suitable site for solar, which option will generate the most power for your needs, and although this opinion varies from person to person, visual appeal plays an important part in choosing whether to install the panels on your rooftop or ground.


Rooftop Solar Mounting

The most common mounting system for a solar panel system is a roof mount system. They make the most of unused space – you already have your roof space available. So adding panels to your roof will not tie up any part of your home.


Most people prefer having rooftop panels for aesthetic purposes. Since the panels lay nicely on top of your roof, they offer a sleek look, and the visual impact is reasonably minimal. The solar panels are quite durable and will protect the roof from the weather and regular wear and tear.


A top consideration when deciding where to locate your panels is the condition of your roof. Solar energy systems are designed to last over 30 years. You should make sure your roof is up to the task of housing them. If your roof is older and may need to be replaced or repaired within the next 10 years or so, a rooftop installation may not be the best choice.


Orientation is an important factor when it comes to installing solar panels. Consideration must be taken regarding the level of light on your rooftop. While solar panels work on a rooftop facing any direction, it is best they face south. Is your rooftop free of antennas, satellite dishes, chimneys or sky lights? These objects will reduce the available space, as well as potentially shading on your roof, and may make them less suitable for solar panels.


Ground Solar Mounting

If your roof cannot accommodate the ideal angle for installation that the panels require, or there are too many obstacles creating shade, then ground mounted solar panels would certainly be the right choice for you.


Having ground mounted solar panels may mean losing some of your useable space on your property. That said, many people do like that they can set up their ground panels on their terrace for aesthetic purposes, and see them as a green badge of honour.


If you have open, unshaded space for ground mounted solar panels, they can be perfectly positioned to collect solar energy. The panels are positioned at an angle (usually 30 degrees) which assures maximum solar energy absorption and output. As a result, the panels will be as efficient as possible.


As you can see, there are benefits to each type of situation. It all depends on your goals, your preferences and your property. If you are unsure of the best solution, call Solar Directa on +34 659 315 130 or contact us to discuss how best to use your space. We are experts with both types of rooftop and ground installation and will be happy to talk to you about how each might work in your environment.

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