Invest in Solar and Increase Your Return on Investment

Invest in Solar and Increase Your Return on Investment

There is one thing everyone dreads seeing in their mailbox: the electricity bill. Even worse than that is opening it up to see how much you have to pay. And the rates just seem to keep rising year after year. However, there is a way to lower your electricity without having to sacrifice your air conditioning. Go solar!


Grid-tied solar electricity systems are the most popular type of solar energy system. It produces the fastest return on investment. With the most immediate visible effects on your electricity bills. As the system connects to the grid, this method of connection is popular because it offers the dual advantages of providing free solar energy while enabling you to maintain the same consistency in power you receive from your utility company. Don’t change the way you use electricity – just have two sources of electricity.


Return on Investment


For smart investments we make in life, there will be a return on investment. This is also true of solar electricity. Many grid-tie customers are not primarily looking to save the planet or be sustainable. They are looking at the return and reducing their outgoings.


Investing in grid-tied solar electricity systems is a long term investment and will not be suited to those planning to move in the next few years. Plus while most people will be looking at return on investment in the terms of “How long will it take before it pays itself?”. There is another important question that needs to be asked, and that is, “What will my grid-tied electricity system lifetime return on investment be?” . Longevity in your grid-tied system is an important factor when looking at return on investment. The highest possible quality installation is essential to the longevity of your system.


The return on investment will also depend on the size/price of your system. So, if you invested 5,000€ in a solar system at today’s prices, in the short term the system will produce an immediate return on investment, being a reduction in electricity bills. Solar is a secure investment and could represent an average of around 10% return on investment.


Although you can begin putting money back in your pocket almost immediately from the cost benefits of installing a grid tied solar electricity system. It still may take a while to show a positive return on investment. That said, solar energy is a smart investment, it is not a printing money scheme. With electricity prices rising, solar power is a most tangible, smart and sustainable solution to bring affordable electricity to your home in Spain.


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